Target group


Fotograf: Sverre Magnus Bjørseth

These are holiday makers who mainly want to get "Close to the others". They want to "Broaden their horizon or testing their boundaries" and "Being a better version of themselves". Our main brand story to these potential guests is to get "Immersed into our local culture".

Show media

This target group has a lot in common, but there may be many important differencies, when it comes to basic needs, skills, preferences and personalities. Different people are triggered by different texts, hashtags, photos/films and so on. That is why we have divided them further into different personas:

Culture lover

These guests likes to go to cinema, conserts, music and dance festivals and art exhibitions. They are inquisitive and  interested in and driven by culture in general. They often travel with friends and partners, and need constant refill of cultural experiences. See what they may like: Culture lover media

Local insider

These guests seeks close encounters with the locals, and learn how they live. They want to be considered as "temorary locals" themselves, rather than being "ordinary tourists". They often want to immerse themselves into and contribute to the local community. "At home"-experiences are their favorite activities. Dreaming about exploring new ways to live and are very interested in other people. They often travel alone, off the beaten track and do not want to hurry. See what they may like: Local insider media

Heritage explorer

These guests are interested in the traditions and things that happened in the past. They like to understand and learn more about the history. They are often enthusiasts and contributors to preserve the cultural heritage. They want story telling with new and interesting perspectives. "Understanding through participating" in local handcraft and other historical traditions are their favorite holiday activity. They know a lot and also want to share their own knowledge and have a rewarding discussion. See what they may like: Heritage explorer media


These guests are interested in more edgy, contemporary and immersive art, architecture and cultural experiences. They are much more interested in the modern than in the past. They like to be challenged intellectually and is concerned with quality and people walking in front. Want competent guides and meeting specialists. They know a lot and have a intellectual approach to what they encounter. Is concerned with new perspectives. Would love to tell others about what they have been involved in. Is often first movers, but also follow their gurus. See what they may like: Modernist media

Culture specialist

These guests will vary a lot, depending what interest to be cultivated. An opportunity to meet
experts are perfect. Their interest is often within "millimeter accuracy". Examples of curture specialists are: foodies, crafts nerds, war historians and so on. See what they may like: Culture specialist media

Have a good time into our culture :-)