Target group


These are holiday makers who mainly want to "See it themselves". They want to experience "The best of" the places they visit and a lot of "Must see" attractions packed in one holiday. Our main brand story to these potential guests is the "Iconic Northern Norway".

Show media

This target group has a lot in common, but there may be many important differencies, when it comes to basic needs, skills, preferences and personalities. Different people are triggered by different texts, hashtags, photos/films and so on. That is why we have divided them further into different personas:

Bucket lister

These guests comes to see famous attractions. They often chooses the main routes for tourists. Open for inspiration and advice. They need often and quick information, usually a little at a time. They can be unexperienced tourist, and very keen to see something specific they have heard about the attractions they seek. See what they may like: Bucket lister media

Epic seeker

These guest want to see amazing things, and would like to spend more time and money than other tourists, if they think it's worth it. But throws nor waste time. Typically inspired by the National Geographic. They want to experience the major attractions in spectacular landscapes. Would love to have rituals and ceremonies that mark, symbolic experiences like swimming under the midnight sun. Concerned about security of purchase and enjoy photography underway. Epic expedition cruises are often a good choice for them. See what they may like: Epic seeker media

Have a iconic and epic time :-)