Target group


These holiday makers who mainly want to get "Empowered by nature". They want to "Be at part of something larger than themselves" and "Broaden their horizon or testing their boundaries". Our main brand story to these potential guests is our "Spectacular landscapes".

Show media

This target group has a lot in common, but there may be many important differencies, when it comes to basic needs, skills, preferences and personalities. Different people are triggered by different texts, hashtags, photos/films and so on. That is why we have divided them further into different personas:

Nature lover

These guests primary like to have a good hiking, biking etc., but not too extreme. They love all the small and big pleasures nature gives them, like clean water, picking wild berries, sleeping in tents or cabins, broad views and so on. See what they may like: Nature lover media

First timer

These guests want to learn new things, but may have almost no skills in advance. Safety, guiding, basic learning, simple but no extreme experiences. Instead of long excursions, having a selfie in a kayak or at a beautiful viewpoint may be enough for them. See what they may like: First timer media

Outdoor adventurer

These guests primary see nature as a playground. First of all, they like to perform physically in nature. Afterwards they want to relax in a outdoor hottub, have a good beer or so on. Very much alike a Sport eventer, but without focusing on fitness and stopwatches. Instead they takes time to stop and enjoy the view from the mountain peak or over the wide ocean. See what they may like: Outdoor adventure media

Adrenaline kicker

These guests are hunting extraordinary high-adrenaline experiences like base jumping, parashooting, climbing or spectacular surfing. Very much alike an Outdoor adventurer, but much more focused on short-term kicks, not long physically and enduring adventures. See what they may like: Adventure kicker media

Expedition planner

These guests go for long-time planning, for excursions which requiers high skills and endurance. This may include kayaking, skiing, dogsledding, biking an so on. They are first of all attracted by the unspoiled wilderness they find in the Arctic. See what they may like: Expedition planner media


These guests may not focus on high standard accommodation or restaurants, but focus more on long stay, payback to the local community, short-traveled & biodynamic food, ecofriendly & public transport, meaningful experiences and "leave-no-trace" in nature. See what they may like: Leave-no-tracer media

Nature specialist

These guests are often dedicated and experts at certain fields of interes, especially when it comes to holiday. Typical examples are birders, deep sea anglers, salmon anglers, nature photographers and so on. See what they may like: Nature specialist media

Have a good time outdoors :-)