Target group


These are holiday makers who mainly want to get "Close to each other". They want to "Sustain stability in their life" and "Being part of something larger than themselves". Our main brand story to these potential guests is Northern Norway as a perfect destination to "Enrich their group".

Show media

This target group has a lot in common, but there may be many important differencies, when it comes to basic needs, skills, preferences and personalities. Different people are triggered by different texts, hashtags, photos/films and so on. That is why we have divided them further into different personas:

Family memorymaker

These guests want to to keep the family together by creating lasting memories for their dearests. Experiences that last for both their children and themselves, it can be both cultural and outdoor activities. They want childfriendly solutions, but like to experience things together. For example small portions for the children (like local food) rather than having a separate parentes' and children's meny. Doing activities together rather than placing their children within a seperate playground. See what they may like: Family memorymaker media

Friendship bonder

These guests want to nurture their friendships, may be as repetetive happenings. For example making memories like short holidays for their study buddies, childhood friends, their gang of girls or boys. The social part is most important, activties in which everyone within the group can participate in. See what they may like: Friendship bonder media

Romantic indulger

These guests focus om romatintic places, good atomosphere, time and room to nurture each other and the relationship. May be some luxury and small surprices to each other, intimacy and closeness is important. Table for two, flowers on room, activities for two, experiences made for couples. See what they may like: Romantic indulger media

Jublilee planner

These guests often wants chambre séparée, (multi-generation) party rooms and activites for large groups. Having a celebration and good-times that makes lasting memories for everyone. See what they may like: Jublilee planner media

Team builder

These guests are often in charge a team that need to bond as a larger group. In addition to good meeting facilities, they need good social rooms, some individual solutions, chambre séparée and activities that build them as a good team. See what they may like: Team builder media

Have a good time together :-)