Northern Norway Tourist Board

Copyrights and use of content

Fotograf: Ole Salomonsen / Tromsø /

This media bank is a collaboration between Northern Norway Tourist Board (NordNorsk Reiseliv AS / and several destinations, municipalities and organizations.

Registration and ordering of images is faciliated by the Northern Norway Tourist Board, to make it easier for you as a user of the bank to download media content related to Northern Norway marketing. If you have questions, please contact us by email

Northern Norway Tourist Board and our partners are not responsible for the artist's copyright using photographs and other media's from this media bank. Guidelines are you personally responsible to comply. BONO ( ) will be able to assist with advice related to usage of copyrighted material.


What can you use the images for?

Please note that the images are divided into multiple categories, and can only be used for:

  • Promoting Northern Norway with regions and places in the county as a tourist destination, society and industry, building reputation as a tourist and student town, employment and residency etc.
  • General presentations that have to do with places and regions in Northern Norway.
  • Press / journalists can use the photos in the media portrays that has to do with places and destinations in northern Norway.
  • Production or order is made for Northern Norwegian Tourist Board as or underlying destinations.
  • Direct marketing or building the reputation of Northern Norway as a tourist destination.
  • Press various give-aways which intends to promote North Norway.

Any use of these media's is free for use, in line with the above objectives and within the limits below.


These images can not be used to ...:

  • commersial purposes such as advertisements, postcards, posters, t-shirts and so on (except travelbooks, editorial press / media)
  • lending, re-sale or handover to other users without our consent

If you are in doubt about your use of the images are within the scope of the bank, please contact one of these:

  • North Norwegian Tourist Board ( )
  • Owner / Copyright (standing resp. on the picture)
  • Photographer directly (is tagged in picture)


How much can one work with the pictures?

Changes can be made in the form of partial use of the images. Electronic manipulation can be performed only upon written consent of the photographer. Film and photo must not be altered or reproduced so that the photographer's reputation is infringed.


What must be remembered when using these images?

  • Each image must be credited with the photographer and destination, as specified in the file name of each picture you download. The file name is in other words the credit to use.
  • The user is also urged to provide information on where the picture is taken so far is possible and natural. 
  • Photos posted digitally shall not exceed 1920 pixels in width / height.
  • Images must be deleted after use to applied purposes. If you wish to use the images in further productions, the images must be re-ordered.


Who is responsible for policy?

  • The person who orders the photos is responsible for ensuring they are used in accordance with our policies, and that the information in the registration form matches the use of the image.
  • Using images in violation of the guidelines on this page, gives the photographer the right to invoice up to 10.000 NOK per. picture.
  • If images from image database are reproduced without crediting as described above, the photographer invoice the original orderer for the standard market for similar abuse. 


What does red, yellow and green color code?

RED color code means that images can ONLY be used with special agreement with Northern Norway Tourist Board. The person using the photograph is responsible for ensuring that such consent has been obtained. Permission can be asked by using the download form in "Your basket".
YELLOW color code means that you must have consent for the intended use from the owner listed on the media item. The person using the photograph is responsible for ensuring that such consent has been obtained. Permission can be asked by using the download form in "Your basket".
GREEN color code means that images can be used by everyone as long as the general guidelines on this page are complied with.