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At 69-70 degrees North, between Tromsø and Alta, lies the Lyngenfjord region where the elements and the people meet. The combination of the majestic Lyngen Alps stretching up from the fjord, the islands of Skjervøy and the inland with the lush valleys and open plateaus gives the region great natural contrasts and sets it apart from other regions.

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The manifold cultures of both Sami and Kven traditions blended into the Norwegian customs. This creates many possibilities to experience Northern Norway, be it nature, culture or a combination of the two. As a visitor you can experience this through the road signs in three languages, visiting historical sites and museums, enjoy a cultural evening at Ovi Raishiin, the outdoor theater Kyläpeli, the Kven festival Paaskiviikko or the sami festival Riddu Riddu.

The vast majority of our companies offering accommodation and experiences are founded or run by local families. You will get to know us, who live here. Some will tell you how their Sami or Kven roots show in their daily life. Like the sauna traditions which is an important part of daily life for many, participation in reindeerherding or the eating the traditional dish rognbollesuppe from Manndalen.

Others share stories of life on the coast or at the mountains where nature sets the premises for much of what we do.

Sustainability is an important cornerstone of our tourism. Involving you in our history and modern traditions, taking care of our nature and promoting local produce are just some examples of what we in Visit Lyngenfjord promote.

Imagine sitting by the seaside a summers evening eating tasty Lyngen Shrimps, visiting Havnnes to learn more about stockfish or learning about the production of whisky in the far north.

Through our local knowledge, we can help you to create an unforgettable stay with one or more of our member companies.

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